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The impact of increased Testosterone within a healthy range is undeniable. Every professional athlete and hardcore gym rat knows that supporting their Testosterone will add pounds of thick, hard muscular mass, get you cut, striated muscle and crank up your intensity and aggressive drive – in the gym or on the field.


TESTOFX™: Optimize your workout with the World’s 1st Testosterone Supporter™. Every stage in the 5-Stage Male Testosterone Amplifier™ (5MTA™) process accelerates you to achieve mind-blowing intensity you never thought possible.*

1. Cortisol / Pro-Testosterone Complex As Cortisol increases, Testosterone decreases. CORTISTRATE II™ primes a pro-testosterone environment by reducing normal Cortisol levels by 32% already in a normal range. Don’t let Cortisol devastate your Testosterone. Patented technology, combined with gold-standard research shows decreases in Cortisol, but also shows a support in serum DHEA of up to 32%!*

2. Free Test Support Blend Promotes Lutropin (LH) production and supports active ‘unbound’ Testosterone levels within 12 hours! Unbound Testosterone is the only form that can activate Testosterone receptors for increased muscle growth and strength. TORODEX™ drives your Bioavailable Testosterone level up an amazing 284% within it’s normal range. Even better, total testosterone increased 376% still within the normal range also within 12 hours! Gold-standard, placebo controlled clinical research has confirmed what you will feel, core ingredients push your Testosterone to the edge!*

3. Testosterone Receptor Sensitizer Support your Testosterone receptor affinity. TESTOLOCK™ pushes Testosterone to a whole new level. Damaged or deformed receptors don’t work. TESTOLOCK is a dual-phase blend that spares receptors from Free Radical damage and increases receptor membrane health. Net result, healthy receptors lock Testosterone for maximum impact.*

4. Estrogen / Aromatase Support NOVALDIM™ has Test to Estrogen ratio conversion support. Secondly, it dramatically promotes metabolism of Estrogen.*

5. DHT Supports reduction in potential negative effects, DIHYDROZATE™ is the last stage in the 5MTA™ process. It protects you against potential negative effects. You want the benefits without side-effects. Rest assured, TESTOFX™ works with your body and completes the process with two, high-potency protective organochemical phytoextracts.*

Support Bioavailable Testosterone Levels

Produced By TESTOFX™ Was Highly Significant

Results clearly indicate that key ingredients in TESTOFX™ have a positive effect on biologically active Testosterone. The increase in Bioavailable Testosterone levels within a normal range in the active group of participants was 284% over the placebo group.*

Torodex™ Increases Bioavailable Testosterone within a normal range From 5.9 to 28.1%*



TESTOFX™ is our research-based, scientifically-validated, 5-Stage Male Testosterone Amplifier. TESTOFX™ is a Powerful Clinical Strength Formula; complete with the full dosage of active ingredients as indicated to be effective by research. The quality and purity of the ingredients in this formula are truly second to none.

ALLMAX has been meticulous, even borderline obsessive, in selecting the highest potency ingredients found in the best research from around the world. Don’t take our word for it, review our Supplement Facts panel; you’ll find nothing but the highest quality ingredients, each with fully disclosed percentages of standardized active ingredients.*

8-wks ON 2-wks OFF

8 & 2 Cycle

Follow Our Cycling Pattern Jack up your training, your intensity and your build.

Our subject testing phase yielded impressive feedback; users reported being able to feel the immediate and powerful effects of this formula. When the first testing phase came to a close, subjects literally showed up at the test facility looking for more product. This was the effect we were looking for and this is the formula that became TESTOFX™ − The World’s Most Powerful 5-Stage Male Testosterone Amplifier.*

Each one of the 5 stages is a specialized proprietary blend of the highest quality ingredients; each designed for a specific purpose in our phased approach to maximize Testosterone expression you must experience to believe. This is your opportunity to unleash the hidden power only Amplified Testosterone can deliver. You want to get jacked up. You want aggressive, intense, powerful workouts and a shredded, hardcore, testosterone driven build. You want TESTOFX™.*

Don't Get Scammed

Wild Testosterone Claims! What You Don’t Know Will Hurt Your RESULTS!

There are a lot of unscrupulous supplement scams out there, and they want you to believe in wild numbers; 600, 700 even 1200 percent more Testosterone! While they are going on about just total testosterone, they assume you won’t understand that ONLY BIOAVAILABLE, UNBOUND TESTOSTERONE creates the effects in the body like increased muscle size, strength and stamina.*

Clearly understanding the nature of the way that Testosterone works in the body, ALLMAX has created TESTOFX™. We have searched the world over to find clinically tested ingredients that will increase truly FREE UNBOUND TESTOSTERONE within your normal range so that you can derive the astounding benefits. The clinical data from the trials conducted on TORODEX™ are so strong, that ON AVERAGE they were actually close to TRIPLE the TOTAL BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE TESTOSTERONE! While there were extreme cases that did far better with EVEN MORE FREE TESTOSTERONE – that was just the average!*

Natural Male Testosterone Support

PATRIOT GAINS TESTO-X: is a natural, clinical strength formula designed to address the key factors that maximize the effects of testosterone in the body.

  • Boost Free Testosterone
  • Block Test-Limiting Cortisol
  • Inhibit Estrogen
  • Enhance Testosterone Receptors

Patriot Gains helps your body boost free testosterone production, naturally. In addition, Patriot Gains helps combat the negative effects of cortisol, boost energy, bedroom performance, stamina, strength, and power!

Boost energy and performance NATURALLY without harming your body and keep your gains.


Fenugreek is specifically chosen for its clinically proven extract Graecunin, which has been shown to increase free Testosterone. There are two types of testosterone in the body, free testosterone and bound testosterone. For the body to use testosterone it must unbind the testosterone making it free and usable. It does this by blocking Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) from binding Testosterone making it usable by the body. By increasing free available testosterone you will see increased lean muscle weight, lose of body fat, Increased Strength and Increased Libido.

Tribulus Extract

Tribulus Extract is used by athletes to support the body’s production of muscle building hormones that are already within normal ranges. Studies show that Tribulus helps athletes insure that their own natural levels of testosterone do not drop below normal levels, especially during heavy training. Tribulus continues to be used worldwide by elite athletes and bodybuilders and may be the perfect addition to your hardcore training regimen.

ALA and Inositol

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) and Inositol have been added to increase your testosterone receptor affinity. ALA and Inositol create a two-phase blend that protects receptors from free radical damage as well as increases overall receptor health. Overall these ingredients allow for healthy receptors to maximize your body’s ability to lock Testosterone.

Saw Palmetto Extract

Everyone wants all the benefits without unwanted side effects. We introduced Saw Palmetto Extract into this product to block any potential negative side effects. Be reassured that Patriot Gains works with your body through this high potency, protective, extract.

Black Pepper Extract 95%

Black Pepper Extract aids your body in absorbing the other ingredients found in Patriot Gains.