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Physique Destroyers, Meet Your Match. With L-Carnitine +CLA , Grains of Paradise and a LEGIT dose of Green Tea and Dandelion Root, Unnaturals Labs ABDUCTED delivers on every level. Add in some EPIC flavors(because…obviously) and we’re pretty confident this is a game-changer.

CLA + Carnitine work synergistically to convert stubborn fat cells into energy.

We’ve also added 2 hand picked ingredients

Dandelion Root: used to shed water weight and cut bloat also detoxifies the liver and builds immunity.

Green Tea: which burns fat and serves as An Antioxidant.


Take 1 scoop in the morning and 1 scoop in the afternoon. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Directions: Mix 1 scoop into 8 ounces of cold water. Stir and Enjoy.


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CONVERT FAT TO ENERGY: We use two popular ingredients that have been clinically shown to help with weight management. CLA and carnitine work synergistically to help the body convert fat cells into energy.

IMPROVE METABOLISM: CLA powder has been developed to help your body preserve lean muscle. The more muscle you have, the more calories your body is able to burn, which improves metabolism.

NON-STIMULANT FORMULA: Unlike many fat burners, our CLA + Carnitine contains no stimulants. Therefore, the formula can be taken at any time of day or paired with our other fat burners like Cutz and Thermo Lean to enhance the effects.

GAME-CHANGING WEIGHT LOSS – Abducted is our new Caffeine Free weight loss formula made up of CLA + Carnitine which works synergistically to convert stubborn fat cells into energy.

IMPROVE METABOLISM – Our metabolism booster benefits men and women with our powerful secret ingredients—Dandelion Root and Green Tea—which helps to shed water weight, reduce bloating, and support liver health and overall immunity.


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