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Unnaturals Labs ANDROs series of products are our most sought after products for serious bodybuilders. With the all NEW Pro Mass Stack, we are changing the meaning of what it means to be truly Unnatural. Get FUCKING HUGE!

The combination of these four ANDROS are formulated to maximize muscle mass. Feel like a savage and destroy your workouts at the gym. Prepare yourself for ultimate UnNnatural gains with our strongest stack ever made.

This stack includes Beast for PCT and to further boost the effect of the four ANDROS during your cycle.


1-ANDRO is targeted towards lean muscle mass gains and strength and power. Due to its chemical structure, 1-ANDRO is free from the side effects traditionally associated with DHT converting compounds, such as estrogen conversion, hair loss, and gyno.


4-ANDRO is our top selling ANDRO and the strongers ANDRO for athletes looking for the most power and size. Break through your natural limits as the muscle piles up and your fat burns away.


19-NOR-ANDRO is geared towards athletes who seek raw power in their workouts. With no liver toxicity and low estrogen conversion, 19-NOR-ANDRO is a great way to keep shattering your personal records at the gym.


17-A ANDRO is essential for maximizing your gains. This ANDRO will increase your appetite, allowing you to fuel your training so you can bulk up to extreme size. Experience lower estrogen and increased blood oxygenation, leading to muscle fullness and powerful pumps in the gym.


Beast is our natural T-Booster that acts as an anti-estrogen. You must use this product for PCT after taking our ANDROs.



Andro Capsules: Each ANDRO can be taken in unison. Take a one (1) capsule of EACH ANDRO in the morning and one (1) of EACH ANDRO at night. This should be a total of 4 capsules in the morning, and 4 capsules at night.

BEAST: After a 4-8 week andro cycle, you must take Beast PCT for 4 weeks. Take 2 capsules a day. Preferably 1 capsule in the morning and 1 at night. A bottle should last 30 days. Beast is essential after an anabolic supplement cycle; it helps to restart the body’s natural production of testosterone and contains antioxidants that enhance liver health. Provided in easy to swallow capsules.


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