The Total Test Box combines two natural T-Boosters to enhance libido and shorten recovery times after training.  If you’re looking to feel younger and build muscle naturally, then this stack is for you.


Beast is an all natural formula that will elevate your testosterone levels and raise your libido. if you are 25 and older and looking to continue to excel in the gym, Beast will allow you to do so naturally. As the top recommended PCT product for Unnaturals Labs, Beast also works well taken on its own or with Patriot Gains to NATURALLY boost free testosterone.


Instructions: Take 2 capsules a day. Preferably 1 capsule in the morning and 1 at night. A bottle should last 30 days.


Instructions: Take 3 capsules every morning on an empty stomach with 8 ounces of water.

Patriot Gains has a 12-hour peak testosterone activity measurement. Morning consumption will provide peak testosterone when your levels are naturally lowest, which is in the evening. For optimum results, Patriot Gains should be cycled for a minimum of 8 weeks followed by 2 weeks off.

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Weight 12 oz

Product FAQ

Suggested use - How do I take BEAST?

Take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 at night. A bottle should last 30 days.

What are the benefits of BEAST?

Our BEAST is a three in one post cycle therapy supplement. BEAST is formulated to boost testosterone production, maintain muscle mass, and improve liver health.

Do I have to take BEAST after a cycle of andros?

BEAST is strongly encouraged post cycle. BEAST aids the body in balancing out natural levels and ensuring you can keep training and recovering at optimal levels, doing this allows you to still feel good and keep your new muscle gains.

What is BEAST?

Beast is a testosterone boosting supplement that is useful after cycling ANDROs.  Beast keeps your testosterone levels up after an ANDRO cycle with an all-natural formula that does not harm the body. If you would like to raise your testosterone level without taking ANDROs, you can also take Beast on its own. Beast is useful for those who are 25 and older who are looking to keep their testosterone levels up to excel in the gym and raise libido.

Can BEAST be combined with other UnNaturals Labs products?

BEAST can be combined with ANY UnNaturals Labs product.

Can women take BEAST?


I am 20, will BEAST help me?

The majority of men under 25 do not need a natural T booster on its own. However, anyone taking ANDRO’s should be using BEAST as a PCT, regardless of age.

How long can I use BEAST for?

We advise taking a 4 week break from BEAST after 3 months of use.

How long do I need to use BEAST for?

For most, 1 bottle, 2 tablets per day, every day for 1 month is all that is needed.

How is BEAST different than the ANDROS?

Andros are DHEA precursors, which means they convert into testosterone within the body. BEAST uses herbs and other ingredients to Naturally boost our body's testosterone production.


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