UNnaturals Labs was founded on a simple premise: after ignoring our instincts for too long, we should follow them to the truth. CEO Jonathan Lemkin launched UNnaturals after realizing that in these difficult times the surest way to keep our heads is to look within ourselves.

“Be your own teacher and your own disciple. Authority, especially the authority over our thoughts and conclusions, is destructive and evil. Leaders destroy their followers until the followers destroy their leaders. It’s time to break that cycle.”

Each of us has his own truth within him. Only you can bring yours out. Being comfortable in your own skin, we’re too often told, is UNnatural. But not to UNnaturals Labs. We understand that your life is your own, and that your decisions can’t be made by anyone else.

It’s time to UNFollow the pack and to trust your own instincts.

UNFollow social media gurus and “influencers,” and let your own inner compass guide you.

Social media has replaced real exchanges with fake ones, true satisfaction with artificial happiness, and pride in work well done with the sugar high of instant gratification. UNLearn these habits.

We didn’t make it this far as a species by snapping endless pictures of ourselves, by texting and swiping and clicking the Like button. Mistaking those sorts of interactions with real ones causes us real psychic harm. Don’t let Kim Kardashian rent out space in your head; even she shouldn’t be able to afford the lease. Give yourself more credit than that.

While Jonathan wants us each to call his own shots, he doesn’t mistake masculinity for muscles. Tough times call for tough people—mentally tough people above all. It’s just hard to seize life by the horns when you’re dragging around 20 pounds of flab around your midsection.

Everyone needs self-discipline. And everyone can achieve it.

Next comes the discovery of your own truth, and the writing of your own code.

It’s time to find your purpose, and to fulfill it.

Jonathan pictures this process as a sort of frame that defines what is essential to your life and what you will keep at bay. Establishing this frame requires a good deal of self-discipline, and often a fair amount of sacrifice. Your diet will change, along with the way you spend your free time. You’ll put in work at the gym, vow never to return, and head back the next day.

No one else can give you the motivation to find and follow your own purpose. Not even Jonathan. Your life is yours alone, for you to live.

If the start of the process is mostly mental, the follow-through is intensely physical. Your body was meant to be active, and to fuel itself with simple, natural food. Too many of us are miles away from the physical and dietary habits that let our bodies do what they do best—to follow their own truths.

Working out and eating right puts our physical selves back where they need to be. The next step is to return to the mental side of the equation and cut out the mental fat the same way you dropped your spare tire.

Our culture has lost its respect for those of us who get things done in favor of those who merely pretend to. It has replaced true individuality with a few lines on a profile page. No self-respecting person wins in that environment, and to men, it’s downright emasculating.

You don’t need to put up with that sort of nonsense any longer.

It’s time to take back our manpower. To be our own measures of the world and to rediscover what our ancestors knew for millennia. A century ago, men fought economic and social calamity to build a better country. They traveled thousands of miles to forge the steel and build the equipment that shrank a continent. They risked their lives to dig the coal that powered a nation, and when they were pushed too far, they stood up against the US Army to demand what was theirs. Those men weren’t giants. Just men in full. Each of us can honor their legacy by standing, working, and fighting for what we believe in.


Our mission is to restore virility in all its expressions. Supplement shelves are full of low-quality products sold by fly-by-night companies. We’ve had enough of that, and we’re betting that you have, too.

Founded by the fitness industry’s bad boy, Jonathan Lemkin, UNnaturals Labs has been helping men regain their natural vitality since 2013, and kicking naysayers to the curb in the process.

Jonathan has been fighting the good fight since before UNnaturals was a twinkle in his eye. A former cop, he walked away from a decorated career after revealing corruption within his department. To help himself start a new chapter, he dove headfirst into fitness and health. Now he takes the same truth-at-all-costs approach to the fitness industry.

And there’s a lot of UNtruth to address. One of the first things that Jonathan noticed about the competition was how shamelessly they misused the word “natural.” Since that word had been dragged through the mud so many times by so many supplement manufacturers that it no longer made any sense, Jonathan flipped the script and named his company “UNnatural.” Guys who are ready for our message will get the joke.

While he was getting UNnaturals Labs off the ground, Jonathan unfollowed everyone on social media, turned off his screens, and cultivated his own truth, even when it wasn’t what everyone (or anyone) wanted to hear. He’d been pushing his body to stand up against all he could throw at it, and now he pushed his mind to do the same: to resist the same emasculated depression that has claimed so many of us, and to reject the temptation to fall into habits of weakness and self-indulgence that make us predictable little consumers while taking us further and further away from our true selves.

Now he offers the benefits of all his experiences through specially crafted dietary supplements that help you make good on your hard work and self-discipline. Taking our supplements won’t make you more masculine or in greater control of your life. No supplement will. But unlike the others, UNnatural Labs’s supplements will help you get out of your workouts and meditations exactly what you put into them.

It’s time to ignore those who say we’re wrong for being unapologetically male. For finding our own truth and living it each moment of every day. For living with purpose, pride, and self-direction. If you’re looking for quick answers, Jonathan doesn’t have them. If you’re looking to keep what you’ve earned through hard work and self-discipline, UNnaturals Labs has your back like no other supplement company.