Unnaturals Story

About Us

The world’s first Lifestyle Nutrition Truth brand. Not long ago the word ‘unnatural’ was used to describe same sex marriage. ‘Natural’ was viewed as the superior and anything touched by science was viewed as unnatural. Currently. we are all Unnatural – but it’s always been this way. Social media is filled with unnatural looks, unnatural fake muscles, and it’s children buying into the unrealistic body goals causing body dysmorphia. Through our Unnatural name and brand we unveil the truth to the youth while many influencers choose not to. We are all Unnaturals. Even grandma, with her vaccine and booster shot, is Unnatural.


We want you to be a super hero. To look physically Unnatural with a supernatural mentality. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s the Unnaturals. Our physicality is a byproduct of our love for transcending physical limits. Unleash your Unnatural potential. Don’t blame genetics. Be Unnatural.

We’re All Unnaturals.


Jonathan Lemkin

Jonathan has been fighting the good fight since before UNnaturals was a twinkle in his eye. A former cop, he walked away from a decorated career after revealing corruption within his department. To help himself start a new chapter, he dove headfirst into fitness and health. Now he takes the same truth-at-all-costs approach to the fitness industry.