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Introducing UNNATURALS LABS ® BRAINSTORM , the perfect combo of dopamine-maximizing, brain-boosting nootropics and natural energy delivered in true UNNATURALS LABS® form. EPIC flavors and a STACKED, fully transparent formula. Regardless if you’re dropping in for some Call of Duty, or need laser-like focus at work, or just want to be “in the zone” at the gym, BRAINSTORM will get the job done!


Take 1 scoop of brainstorm 60 minutes before your workout, or in the morning before eating. Brainstorm can also be taken as an early afternoon boost. Do not take more than 1 serving a day.

Directions: for optimum results, mix 1 scoop of brainstorm in 12 ounces of water. Stir and enjoy.


UnNatural Labs believes in keeping things simple. Set high goals and pursue them with a vengeance. Ditch anything that holds you back. And give your body the fuel it needs to get the job done.

That’s not going to happen with a cabinet full of supplements. A clean, healthy diet shouldn’t need a hand from 40 pills a day, or even half a dozen.

We don’t want to sell you a whole catalog of supplements. Just one or two of the right ones, designed to help anyone who’s serious about turning his life around. That’s our UnPhilosophy.

Brainstorm™ is the heart of the UnNatural program: a scientifically proven formula that crushes fatigue, sharpens cognitive function, and improves your mood.

It All Starts with Dopamine

Your central nervous system—your brain and spinal cord—is your body’s command center. When it’s in working order, your CNS does more than just turn your thoughts into actions. It helps you will yourself to greater mental and physical performance, and keeps your mood up while you’re at it.

Your CNS uses neurotransmitters to send the right messages at the right time to the right parts of your body. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter most responsible for how we think and feel. And here’s the catch: when we don’t challenge our body to make enough dopamine, it tends to slack off. Spend too much time on the couch eating junk food and generally moping, and your body will assume after a while that you just aren’t going to use much dopamine.

Getting you back on track starts with tuning up your CNS. And that means giving your dopamine levels a boost. That’s where Brainstorm starts. You’ll need to keep your other neurotransmitters in balance, so we also support epinephrine and noradrenaline, among others.

Here are the key ingredients that get us there.

BRAINSTORM is designed for students, athletes and professionals to get that extra mental edge in the office, in class or even in the gym. BRAINSTORM is also perfect for gamers. The powerful nootropics found in Brainstorm enhance your ability to focus and perform.

Enhance your gameplay with:

• Improved reaction time
• Stronger Focus
• Simultaneous Attention
• Working Memory
• Pattern Recognition
• Reduced Mental Fatigue
• Sustained Attention
• Response Inhibition


Tyrosine (2000mg)

Tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid that naturally boosts dopamine levels. The 2g of tyrosine you’ll find in Brainstorm gives you the same performance-enhancing effects of psychostimulants like amphetamine, but without the list of unwanted side effects.

Caffeine Anhydrous (300mg)

Caffeine…well, you already know this one! At the right levels, like the 300mg found in Brainstorm, caffeine inhibits the brain’s adenosine receptors from slowing your roll. That leaves more dopamine available to your CNS. Caffeine also supports a healthy balance by supporting the release of acetylcholine, adrenaline, and other neurotransmitters.

Teacrine (150mg)

Teacrine provides the all day uplift and drive you need. Similar to caffeine, Teacrine triggers dopamine release which increases concentration, awareness and motivation while also reducing fatigue.

Mucuna Pruriens (125mg)

Mucuna Pruriens is rich in antioxidants that helps to support overall brain and cognitive function while promoting a healthy mood. Mucuna has also been known to promote healthy sleep, aid libido, and contribute to sexual health.

Eria Jarensis (100mg)

Eria Jarensis is a quick-acting herbal extract that increases the levels of dopamine and noradrenaline available to your CNS. While the other ingredients in Brainstorm are designed to give you a sustained neurotransmitter boost, eria jarensis works a bit differently, giving you a quick, intense burst of noradrenaline and a mellower rise in your dopamine levels. Because it acts quickly and is metabolized within 10 minutes or so, eria jarensis does its best work just before you work out.

“I Unlocked My Brain’s Potential”
Customer Product Review:

I’ve been trying to find something to help me focus.

I used to take Adderall for focus in general. I needed it to get things done, but it made me sweat and gave me anxiety.

Now, since working from home, the long work days have gotten longer, the distractions are endless and it’s become harder to focus.

I’ve been looking for something more natural with less side effects.

I came across Brainstorm by UnNaturals Labs. I read up on it and decided to give it a try. Whoa! This stuff knocked my socks off. I’ve never been more dialed in and productive in my life. It was as if my brain had been covered in dirt/ haze and someone came in and wiped it clean with Windex. I was clear and focused

I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to focus a bit better, has struggled with ADHD or ADD. . . Not to mention you can use it as a pre-workout as well 🙂

NATURAL BOOST – Unnatural’s premium Brainstorm support is the perfect combination of brain-boosting nootropics and natural energy. This product naturally helps boost dopamine levels, eliminate CNS fatigue, and boost mental and physical performance.

GYM, GAME, & WORK – Brainstorm is designed to help enhance your performance in all areas of life. Experience newfound energy, motivation, and laser-like focus in the gym, at work, and experience an extra mental edge in your gameplay.

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Weight 28 oz

Cherry Ice, Lemonade


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