What Happened to Real Men?

“Studies find that U.S men’s testosterone levels are plummeting! A study by Dr. Thomas Travison of the New England Research Institutes in Watertown, Massachusetts, found testosterone dropping an average of 1% per year since the 1980’s. Meaning, for example, a 60 year old man in 2020 would have testosterone levels 15% lower than that of a 60 year old man in 2005. This also means that most men in 2020 have had or have below average testosterone levels compared to 2005.”

Who is Frank?

A century ago, Frank used a ferociously intense training regimen to build himself up from a short, scrawny teenager to a Golden Gloves boxer by the age of 20. He woke at 4:30 sharp for a long run, and finished before most of his high school classmates had woken up. Frank grew up poor, and didn’t have the money for fancy equipment or access to a boxing gym with basic equipment. So he pushed himself with calisthenics and used his job as a stockboy at a local grocery store for weight training.

Frank sparred, not only with other aspiring boxers, but with anyone who tride to take advantage of him because of his size. On his way to and from school and work, Frank had plenty of chances to square off: a shoulder thrown on the sidewalk, a mocking comment about his height, or even a bit of side-eye was all that it took for Frank to demand a fight. He didn’t win them all, especially in the beginning, but any teenager as skinny and chippy as Frank was going to get roughed up a bit. This didn’t stop Frank. As he grew older and stronger, Frank learned how to take advantage of his quickness and his footwork to make his punches feel as if they’d been thrown by a man twice his size. He even knocked out the high school principal just days before graduation.

It took another couple of years, but Frank’s brutally single-minded approach to training, along with a better idea of how to channel his fighting instincts, got him to where he’d always wanted to be: respected and admired as the toughest man pound-for-pound his city had ever seen. Frank didn’t start out wanting to fight. The fight came to him in the form of his family’s poverty.

Fighting was how Frank made money. He was paid to spar by one of the best boxers known at the time. Being very poor, Frank had grown up in foster care with his mother frequently in and out of mental institutions. She was evicted because of poverty. Even with a lack of money, and resources, Frank was able to achieve his goals and carve a solid natural physique. Some people skeptical of his results would ask Frank if he took steroids, his answer, “I don’t even have money for food.”

So What Was Frank’s Secret?

The answer? High testosterone. Testosterone supercharges muscle recovery, muscle growth, confidence, stamina, and increases other male powerhouse hormones like HGH. Many celebrities such as Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Hugh Jackman and Chris Hemsworth all have been rumored to take high testosterone producing “supplements”.

As it happens, Frank’s body naturally produced more testosterone than most men’s. Testosterone builds muscle and helps it recover after exercise or injury. At healthy levels, it also contributes to overall stamina, gives us added confidence, and even improves our mood. These days though, men’s testosterone levels are dropping to unhealthy levels.

There’s not much call these days to be like Frank. We don’t celebrate hard work the way we used to, and the work we do with our hands-in-the-ring, on the job, or around the house has taken a backseat to work done in front of a screen. We seem to work more these days but accomplish less, and all that sitting around has caused our eating habits to deteriorate, our waistlines to expand, and our testosterone levels to drop.

From the food we eat to the current social media “snowflake” culture, men are becoming women! Our Testosterone Levels Have Declined every year Dramatically. We aren’t like men from 1920, we aren’t Frank – Unnaturals Labs wants you to BE FRANK – we would like you to Fight Back by naturally increasing your testosterone with the Frank Natty Stack.

Frank was a golden gloves boxer. He did it with nothing, so can you.

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