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TRENDICK – It is your go-to supplement for an experience like no other. It will guarantee you Energy, Stamina, and Vitality.

FAT LOSS –We STRONGLY urge  you to study the benefits of yohimbine HCL and its uses, specifically blood flow AND FAT LOSS!

DHEA – Whether you’re a young adult looking for an extra boost or an older gentleman wanting to get back that extra hop in your step, this is the best non-prescription supplement you’ll find.

(We recommend starting with half the recommended dose)

Suggested Use: Start by taking 1 capsule 60-90 minutes before gym or bedroom activity. Once tolerance is assessed, you may take up to 2 capsules. Do not exceed 2 capsules in a 24 hour period.

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Product FAQ

Suggested use - How do I take TREN DICK?
Start by taking 1 capsule 60-90 minutes before sexual activity, once tolerance is assessed you can take up to 2 capsules.
Can I drink and take TREN DICK?

We do not advise drinking alcohol on TREN DICK, alcohol can reduce blood flow. TREN DICK ingredients strive to maximize blood flow.

Can I take other erection products with TREN DICK?

For safety reasons we do not advise combining products.

Can I take TREN DICK with other stimulants like CUTZ?

We do not advise taking stimulants with TREN DICK as they will limit its overall effects. CUTZ will activate your central nervous system, for maximum sexual performance you want to keep your central nervous system calm.

Can I take TREN DICK if I have high blood pressure?

If you are prone to high blood pressure, consult your physician before taking TREN DICK.


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