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The UnNatural Legend Physique Stack  is the perfect “NATURAL” combo of products for conditioning. Whether you are training in the gym or in the ring, these products are your go to for energy, fat burning and muscle repair.


JAWBREAKER HAWAII PUNCH is the strongest pre workout on the market. Have Jawbreaker in your corner to guarantee you knockout your next workout.

SMACKED is the strongest stimulant, junkie-heaven, fat burning capsule you’ll ever try.

SUCKER PUNCH ROCKET POP Naturally supports blood flow and nitric oxide production. This will help increase your overall stamina and endurance.

BEAST will elevate your testosterone levels and increase lean muscle mass.

RECOVER SKITTLEZ contains powerful aminos used to prevent muscle fatigue & breakdown, which decreases your recovery time and increases muscle gains.


Use UnnaturaLegend Physique Stack to boost your energy, oxygen uptake, speed and muscle strength, accelerate your healing, tissue repair and recovery from intense workouts.


For gym beginners take 1/2 scoop of Jawbreaker with 12 ounces of water & 1-2 capsules of Beast before boxing and or weight training.

Mix 1-2 scoops of Recharge with 8 ounces of liquid and drink within 10 minutes post-workout.

Take Smacked fat burner around 3pm to boost metabolism.

None of the ingredients will make you pop! 


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Product FAQ

Suggested use - How do I take CUTZ - EXTREME FAT BURNER?

As a dietary supplement take 2 (two) capsules daily. Preferably one in the morning and one in the evening (a minimum of 6 hours apart). If you’ve never taken Cutz before, assess tolerance, by taking 1 capsule per day.

Can I take CUTZ - EXTREME FAT BURNER everyday?

Yes, however, we advise at least 1 day per week of not using CUTZ - EXTREME FAT BURNER, this helps prevent your body from getting accustomed to its ingredients. 

How long can I use CUTZ - EXTREME FAT BURNER for?

Our bodies develop resistance to things over time. The human body is amazing at adapting. For maximum results we encourage our customers to use CUTZ - EXTREME FAT BURNER for 12 weeks; followed by a 4 week break.

Does CUTZ - EXTREME FAT BURNER have any stimulants?
CUTZ - EXTREME FAT BURNER has zero stimulants.

Absolutely! Women can take it as well.

What are the ingredients inside CUTZ - EXTREME FAT BURNER?

Every ingredient in CUTZ - EXTREME FAT BURNER is chosen specifically to help maximize your workout potential:


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