The Importance of Stillness

By Published On: April 27th, 2021

We are so busy lifting. training. hustling. We think we’re supposed to be. We think that’s how we get better. We think that moving is the only way to move forward.

You might relate. After all, we have an entire empire to create! Emails to read, self-work, gains to make financially, physically and most importantly, mentally. So yes, we are busy, but know this, the best and most beautiful moments are usually of quiet and calm. Cut yourself free of thoughts that cling to the mind. Cut free from your phone or the constant busyness.

“Freedom from the future and the past — can make yourself a happy person rejoicing in perfect stillness.” Have you ever had a moment like that? If you have, you know how special it is. You know what kind of positive vibes you were able to get, what kind of happiness crept in, and what kind of peace you were able to feel. Having that stillness allows us to “concentrate on living what can be lived (the present moment). Only then, can you spend the time you have left in Peace. And in kindness. And at peace with the spirit within you

After the pre-workout wears off, you deserve moments like that. Moments where you watch the ocean waves. Moments where you sit quietly with your dog. Moments where you look out the car window appreciating what you have. Not on a conference call, not checking email, not wondering how long until you make the next deal, but a moment to check in with yourself, to think about your life and the Progress you have made. Moments with family. Moments where you are grateful, connected, happy, creative, or in the zone — doing whatever it is that you do best.

The Fitness industry doesn’t ever talk much about what to do with our stillness. They aren’t talking about what to do when the gym time is done for the day. They aren’t talking about maybe the single most important thing you can be doing in your life. They are saying that all the “work” you are doing, all the gains you’re making trying to get physically ahead are pointless, unless you do this Mentally as well. The real way to charge ahead is to slow down. To clear your mind. To be happy in perfect stillness, free of the future and the past, fully present and locked in. You can do it. You deserve that.

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