UNnaturals Labs: New Year, New You Challenge

It’s almost a cliché at this point. A reporter walks into the locker room of a victorious team and gets some version of the following quotes from the athlete who has pulled it off: “It was a team effort.” “We worked hard and got lucky out there.” “I trusted in God and did my best.”

It’s always a surprise to see someone so clearly talented and so obviously responsible for what happened giving the credit for success to someone else. What’s interesting is many successful men claim they are “Self Made” meaning they did it by themselves. Which guy are you? At times we are alone with our thoughts, alone with our losses, or alone with our wins. So if we are the brains or muscle behind a win, why give credit to others?

One reason we do this was to avoid envy, and that’s likely true with men today. Make yourself too conspicuous, and you attract enemies and unnecessary attention. The real reason is to keep ego at bay. If you dont have an ego your Feelings Can Never Get Hurt 💯.

If you don’t have an “Image of yourself”, the fact is someone can NEVER hurt you. When somebody says they are “hurt”, they are really saying it’s the image of oneself that is hurt, the dreadful ego. The point is that real pros focus on all the things other people did right, but they focus on where they themselves fell short, because this is an easy way of giving credit to something bigger than them. By reminding themselves they weren’t totally in control, they keep their ego at bay.

Wouldn’t your 2021 be better with less ego and more humility in it? One way to do that is to start the year with a challenge—something that forces you out of your comfort zone. UNnaturals labs New Year, New You challenge will bring you a new challenge each day, centered around our principles to help you start a better year and a better life.

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How To Take

Take two (2) Capsules of CutZ in the morning.

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