UNnaturals Labs: Not Tomorrow, Today

We all have vices. We all have flaws. We all have things we know we want to change.”

What happens? Nothing happens.

This is true for everyone, even Martin Luther King. “One day,” King said that we tell ourselves, “I’m going to rise up and drive this evil out. I know it is wrong. It is destroying my character and embarrassing my family.”

But then…

At last the day came and you made a New Year’s resolution that would get rid of the whole base evil. And then the next year came around and you were doing the same old evil thing. Can you remember the surprise and disappointment that gripped you when you discovered that… after all that you had done through your resolutions to get rid of it – the old habit was still there? And out of amazement you found yourself asking, “Why could I not cast it out?”

Fools all have one thing in common: They are always getting ready to start. They are always getting ready to change. And then? And then? And then?

They never do. They don’t do the work.

Rooting evil out of your life takes work. Same with losing five pounds, quitting smoking, breaking the smartphone addiction, drinking less, reading more. But, as King said, the nature of evil is only simple in theory. “Neither a bull nor a noble-spirited man comes to be what he is all at once,” Teacher told one eager student. “You must undertake a hard winter training.”

You must do the work. You must stop delaying. You must get started.

Right now.
A new year is upon you. Is there a better time than now?

No, there is not.

Let’s go. Not tomorrow, but today.

Lets keep our motivation, and build our frame to the best of our ability for it is all we have at times!

The Male Vitality Box: Patriot Gains and Wolflow boost blood flow and testosterone.
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Suggested Use

Patriot Gains: Take 3 capsules in the evening after dinner to help your body boost its natural testosterone production while you sleep.

Wolflow: Take 3 capsules in the morning and 3 at night to boost blood flow, and increase stamina in both the gym and the bedroom.

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