We Are All UNnaturals

Something in the human mind, or heart, seems to need a word of praise for everything that humanity hasn’t contaminated. For us, that word is “natural”. Such an ideal can be put towards all sorts of uses. for example, it’s used among the anti-vaccination crowd. It’s not uncommon to hear read about the superiority of something called “natural immunity”. The idea being that “When you inject a vaccine into your body you’re actually performing an “unnatural act”. This, of course, is the very same term once used to decry homosexuality and, more recently, same-sex marriage, which the Family Research Council has deemed unfavorably as apposed to what they call “natural marriage.”

When it comes to being “UNnatural”, science provides so many options! whether it be transitioning or injecting whale blubber into your lips to look fuller or even wanting to grow muscles. The choice should be yours to make!

We are all UnNaturals!

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