You Can’t Buy Fearlessness

There’s no question that the super rich can afford better medical care than you. They have access to the best doctors and the most cutting-edge supplements. So naturally, – actually Unnaturally, they are living longer — they are buying what scientists are calling “life extension.” Today, we have income inequality. Tomorrow, it will be longevity inequality.
We should ask ourselves: what are these people actually buying and why are they buying it? The UnNaturals would point out that no amount of Money exempts you from the basic fact of mortality. No amount of testosterone or expensive therapy, and no amount of delaying can ever rid Anxieties that so many people have.

What are they buying? It’s not actually health. It’s freedom from their personal Anguish and Anxieties.

It’s ironic that the thing they actually needed was very cheap. Sure, living longer is great, but the secret to treating all Your Anxiety and Fear is free.

Fearlessness is available to everyone and anyone. Some are Born with it and Some are Not.

It’s there in the examples of the people we admire. “Is it as awful as that,” one of Nero’s guards taunted him, “to die?”. It was said to Nero, because he was a coward. Because he had lived a bad life. But for Epictetus, who had lived well, fear was never part of the equation. He did not tremble before his mortality. Instead, he went through life day by day without worry, without despair. “Death and pain are not frightening,” he said. “It’s the fear of pain and death we need to fear, which is why we praise the poet who wrote, ‘Death is not fearful, but dying like a coward is.’”

Do not Run from fear.
Embrace it.
Do Not be scared to Love others.
Embrace it.
This might Not come Natural.
But Always Unleash your UNnatural potential.

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